Encryption - Documentation

The best way to protect your information is to encrypt it, using this simple yet very effective code you will be able to protect your information.

I have included all the files needed to encrypt your information on any PHP website.



I strongly recommend placing these files above the public facing folders

Public folders



Private folders


  • folder php - this folder contains all assets
  • insert_drive_file .htaccess - deny from all
  • insert_drive_file config.php - PHP require_once all files
    • folder encryption - this folder contains the encryption class and functions files
      • insert_drive_file encryption-class.php
      • insert_drive_file encryption-functions.php
      • insert_drive_file encryption-config.php
      • insert_drive_file .htaccess - deny from all
    • folder keys - this folder contains the encryption key files
      • insert_drive_file PrivateKey.php
      • insert_drive_file PublicKey.php
      • insert_drive_file PasswordHash.php
      • insert_drive_file .htaccess - deny from all